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Langh Tech to begin cooperation with GAS Entec for fuel gas supply systems

Marine technology manufacturer Langh Tech has entered a collaboration to represent LNG solution provider GAS Entec’s fuel gas supply systems (FGSS) in Europe starting June 2023. The cooperation between the Finnish-based Langh Tech and South Korean-based GAS Entec was announced during the Nor-Shipping exhibition in Oslo, Norway.

Langh tech will be responsible for sales & promotion of Gas Entec's FGSS and Fuel Tank to customers including ship owners in Europe, and Gas Entec will support Langh Tech to develop and supply systems that meet the needs of customers.

The GAS Entec FGSS solution has been applied to Dual Fuel Boilers and Generator Engines since 2015 and commercial vessels since 2019, with a focus on the Asian market. The collaboration with Langh Tech aim is to help make the technology more accessible worldwide, especially in Europe.

Langh Tech and GAS Entec first started working together in 2021 through a business project. Langh Tech’s sister company, ship owning company Langh Ship, ordered GAS Entec’s FGSS for their three multi-purpose vessel new buildings being built in Wuhu, China. From this, discussions evolved into entering a partnership.

“We are always open to expanding our product portfolio with different green tech solutions. Since we have positive first-hand experience of GAS Entec’s system through our new building project, it was easy to make the decision to enter a collaboration,” says Langh Tech’s Managing Director, Laura Langh-Lagerlöf. “Langh Techs other products include open and closed loop SOx scrubbers, ballast water treatment systems, as well as ongoing product development such as carbon capture technology. FGSS makes a logical addition to the existing lineup.”

GAS Entec is specialized in various LNG technologies. In addition to FGSS, the GAS Entec solutions include floating & onshore LNG terminals, LNG carrier & bunker vessels and ship conversions to LNG like as LNG Carrier-to-FSRU (Floating Storage & Regasfication Unit).

For more information please contact:

Mrs. Laura Langh-Lagerlöf, Commercial Director, Langh Tech

+358 40 583 8874

Mr. Kyung-Ho (Andrew) Kim, Business Development Team Leader, GAS Entec

+82 51 714 3284

Pictures can be found in Langh Tech’s material bank.


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