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Langh Tech delivers and supports



Langh Tech takes full responsibility of all our delivered products and supports the customer in every aspect of operation, maintenance and replacements. Our customers will always have the most efficient and reliable equipment with as few operational interruptions as possible.

The equipment will at all times fulfill the requirement of the authorities and all emission control equipment will at all times be reliable.

Langh Tech’s service is available for scheduled maintenance or for unexpected matters. In case of technical issues or service needs, contact us for assistance – anytime. You can find our contact details at the contact page.


Technical support

From the first contact to the final handover, Langh Tech will support the owners and shipyards in all technical aspects. It is very important that the planning and integration design is done in a way that future use of the equipment is reliable and that service is easy.

Our specialist will be at the owners' or shipyards' disposal during the whole project. After installation completion and commissioning, Langh Tech will give technical support during operation. The operator will not be left alone, assistance can always be reached for supporting purposes.

In case of improved operational instructions or maintenance requirements, the information will automatically be submitted to the operator/owner.

Installation and Commissioning





During installation Langh Tech is available for support and supervision when needed. All the installation instructions, dimensional drawings and guides are available to make the installation as smooth as possible.

Once the system is completed it is time for start-up. Our commissioning engineers will ensure that the requirements from the operators and the authorities are met and the complete commissioning of the systems runs smoothly.











It is of utmost importance that the crew is well familiarized with the exhaust gas cleaning as well the water treatment process. During or after commissioning Langh Tech will arrange a comprehensive training for the crew.

The procedures for operation, items to be checked and actions in abnormal situations will be studied. We will also provide additional training for new crews or refreshing training when needed.

Consumables and
Spare Parts












Langh Tech provides the consumables and spare parts for all the delivered systems. Some equipment are supplied with the initial spare parts while others, not necessarily requiring regular maintenance, can be ordered from us.

The Langh Tech system has only few consumable items but those are also naturally delivered by Langh Tech.  

Langh Tech’s service is available for scheduled maintenance or for unexpected matters. In case of technical issues or service needs, contact us for assistance – anytime.

Turnkey deliveries










The Langh Tech scrubbers can also be supplied on a turnkey basis. This means total project delivery in two different ways. One option is that the owner arranges the docking yard contracts and Langh Tech will take care of the rest.

Integration design, engineering, construction and installation, project management and supervision, class approvals and commissioning are all included in our scope of supply until the approval certificates from a classification society have been received.

The other alternative is that Langh Tech also arranges the shipyard and related contracts according to the owner’s requirements.


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