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Langh Tech "Behind the scenes of a scrubber installation" seminar

The scrubber seminar organised by Langh Tech took place on Thursday 3.10. in Athens at the Residence of the Ambassador of Finland.

The participants had the chance to listen to interesting aspects of the Langh Tech scrubber and the installations and also about current regulations. The Langh Tech team wants to thank everyone who took part in the seminar. Thank you for making the evening successful.

The seminar had the following presentations:

  • Insights of scrubber installation and performance - Laura Langh-Lagerlöf, Commercial Director, Langh Tech

  • Feedback from a HMD built MR Tanker installation for Chios Navigation, Jussi Katajainen, Product Manager, Langh Tech

  • Scrubbers breakdown, exceedance of limits and beyond 2020 expectation, Stamatis Fradelos, ABS

The above mentioned presentations can be found in our material bank.

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