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Langh Tech wins award

Last week Langh Tech’s closed loop scrubber process won first place in the Green Ship Technology category of awards at the Green Ship Technology Conference in Copenhagen. Companies were nominated for recent accomplishments, from the period of 1st January 2016 to 31st January 2017. During this period Langh Tech has received significant orders from the international cruise companies, making an important entry into the cruise ship scrubber market. Langh Tech's tailor-made scrubber towers and modular water treatment systems reduce the installation costs significantly especially in retrofit cases. Furthermore, to keep meeting the customer expectations, Langh Tech is constantly developing its products to lower both CAPEX and OPEX of the systems. The judge panel selected Langh Tech as a winner based on having an innovative design, dynamic focus on customer requirements, a good and workable solution and clear market potential. Collaboration with customers as well as ensuring system compatibility with other manufacturers’ systems was underlined to be an especially important factor for the choice.

“We believe that the focus on closed loop scrubber process water treatment will grow essentially in the coming years. Therefore we will continuously develop our water treatment units to be even more compact in size and simultaneously increase their capacity,” says Laura Langh-Lagerlöf, Commercial Director of Langh Tech.

Langh Tech has developed scrubbers since 2012 and has been particularly noted for its unique water treatment systems. The closed loop process that Langh Tech has developed is highly environmentally friendly, as all harmful substances are separated from the process water by membrane filtration. The residue is a compact dry waste, which is discharged ashore for proper waste treatment. Langh Tech technology was first deployed on sister company Langh Ship's vessels, and has since then been deployed on several other cargo and cruise ships. To this date Langh Tech systems have been sold to 17 vessels.

For additional information, please contact: Laura Langh-Lagerlöf, Commercial Director of Langh Tech, +358 (0)40 583 8874

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