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Langh Tech delivers scrubber systems to NORDEN's 12 vessels

The Finnish scrubber manufacturer Langh Tech has closed its largest deal so far and will deliver SOx scrubber systems for 12 vessels owned by Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S (

The Danish shipping company Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S invests heavily in scrubber installations. Langh Tech Oy Ab will supply for retrofit four tankers and eight bulk carriers in the NORDEN- fleet with SOx scrubbers of open loop-type.

The tankers have two boilers and a total of six exhaust gas sources are connected to the scrubber. Automation enables the scrubber plant to be operated in two exhaust gas cleaning modes corresponding to 0.1 or 0.5 per cent sulphur in the fuel. This means compliance for the vessels with as well ECA and global regulations regarding SOx emissions.

The scrubbers will be of in-line type and replacing the silencers. Dry running of the scrubbers is possible, eliminating the need of bypass for the main engine. All auxiliaries will have bypass.

”NORDEN has evaluated how the sulphur cap will affect both the shipping and the bunker market. Recognising uncertainties, NORDEN considers investment in scrubbers economically highly attractive. Langh Tech is a well reputed company and has exercised good responsiveness to our requirements both in terms of the technical solutions and the delivery, and we look forward to working with them on this,” says Jens Christensen, Head of Technical dept. from NORDEN.

”We are glad that NORDEN chose us for this very interesting project, and we are looking forward to start working on it. There has been a huge increase in demand for scrubber systems lately and in addition to NORDEN’s order we have dozens of new scrubber systems in the pipeline. At the same time, we are increasing our capacity which allows us to keep offering systems with delivery before 2020,” says Laura Langh-Lagerlöf, Commercial Director of Langh Tech.

Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S was founded in 1871, making it one of Denmark’s oldest internationally operating shipping companies. NORDEN operates a mix of owned and chartered tonnage in total 249 dry cargo vessels and 57 tankers. In addition NORDEN has a newbuilding programme with in total 9 vessels on order.

Langh Tech designs and produces scrubbers for SOx removal from exhaust gases and water treatment units for closed loop scrubbers. Langh Tech is one of the Langh companies, which also include ship owning Langh Ship, steel carriage and bulk containers from Langh Cargo Solutions and Industrial and Ship Cleaning Services Hans Langh.

For further information, please contact: Laura Langh-Lagerlöf, Commercial Director of Langh Tech, +358 (0)40 583 8874.

Picture of the NORD MANATEE – Copyright Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S Pictures of the vessels can be found in NORDEN’s press centre

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