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New Langh Tech water treatment systems increase water cleaning capacity

Langh Tech has launched a new generation of water treatment systems. The system has been upgraded with new membrane technology to increase water cleaning capacity.

In 2017, Langh Tech has launched a second generation of water treatment systems, which is based on a new type of membrane filter elements. With the new elements, a 50% increase in water cleaning capacity can be reached compared to the previous elements, without increasing the size of the water treatment units.

The new type of membrane elements has been tested onboard Langh Ship’s M/S Marjatta since the first half of 2017. The testing results confirmed that the water cleaning capacity was indeed increased by 50% without compromising any other system parameters. The first set of second generation systems have already been delivered to a customer.

The second generation water treatment system is available for both exhaust gas recycling (EGR) and SOx scrubbers, and is suitable for sea water as well as fresh water systems.

Langh Tech, as part of the Langh companies, has access to more than twenty years of experience in membrane filtration. The Langh membrane filtration technology was initially developed by Industrial and Ship Cleaning Services Hans Langh, for purifying dirty wash water.

Langh Ship later developed the membrane filtration-based SOx scrubber closed loop water treatment system and installed the first unit onboard a multipurpose vessel as early as in 2013, as the first company in the world. Since then, Langh Tech water treatment systems have been installed on fifteen vessels, with installations to an additional six vessels currently in the pipeline.

In 2015, Langh Tech tested the water treatment system with EGR scrubber water at the MAN Diesel & Turbo premises in Copenhagen. Langh Tech’s water treatment system has been granted MAN Diesel & Turbo approval, which states that the Langh Tech water treatment system technology is applicable for two-stroke EGR.

For further information, please contact:

Laura Langh-Lagerlöf, Commercial Director of Langh Tech, +358 (0)40 583 8874.

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