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DeltaLangh’s real eco scrubber installed on M/V Bore Song

DeltaLangh Ltd’s exhaust gas cleaning system (scrubber) has been successfully installed on M/V Bore Song of Bore Ltd. This True Hybrid Scrubber system allows both close and open loop operation in the most environmentally-friendly way. The system has received confirmation of full compliance with SECA and IMO regulations (approved by Lloyd’s register and TRAFI, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency), and is now confirmed as meeting all present and forthcoming requirements. The delivery was supplied on a turnkey basis by Deltamarin Floating Construction. When M/V Bore Song sailed from the repair yard after 14 days dry docking, the open loop operation of the scrubber was in immediate use to clean the exhaust gases of the 12MW main engine. While the vessel was trading final installations were completed, and the system can now also be used continuously in closed loop mode without time limits. “The DeltaLangh Hybrid Scrubber was a choice when looking for a sustainable solution for the future. It has lived up to our expectations: minimum sludge handling, very clean outgoing water and in that respect minimum impact on the environment. The project was handled as a turnkey project, and I am especially pleased with the short installation time, which enabled us to keep our promise to our customer”, said Jörgen Mansnerus, VP, Marine Management at Bore Ltd. The DeltaLangh scrubber is light-weight and its energy consumption low. Another benefit is that zero discharge can be arranged without additional tanks on board. As a major advantage compared to other available technologies, the water content in the output sludge in closed loop operation is extremely low. This means that the waste is highly concentrated, and the amount that needs to be handled ashore is minimal. Thanks to the light weight, small size and efficient water treatment, no cargo capacity is lost. The total energy efficiency is among the highest in the market today. The DeltaLangh scrubber can be delivered to the customer with a short 14 days installation time as in the case of M/V Bore Song.

DeltaLangh True Hybrid Scrubber (copyright DeltaLangh)

For further information please contact:

Mr Janne Uotila, Managing Director Mobile +358 40 7739 780 Email:


Mrs Laura Langh-Lagerlöf, Member of the Board Mobile +358 40 5838 874 Email:

About DeltaLangh Ltd:

DeltaLangh is a joint venture company owned by Deltamarin Ltd and Oy Langh Tech Ab, a sister company to Langh Ship. DeltaLangh delivers exhaust gas cleaning systems for merchant ships. The company focuses on exhaust gas cleaning equipment supply, installation supervision, commissioning, crew training and after-sales.

About Bore Ltd: Bore Ltd is a shipping company, wholly owned subsidiary of Rettig Group Ltd, with a fleet of 9 vessels. In 2014 the turnover was some EUR 57 million, capital employed EUR 202 million and the number of employees 260.

About Deltamarin Floating Construction: Deltamarin Floating Construction provides engineering, procurement, construction and installation solutions for the marine and offshore industry worldwide on turnkey basis. Deltamarin Floating Construction is a member of the naval architecture and engineering company Deltamarin Ltd and the AVIC Group, ranked among the Fortune Global 500 corporations.


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